Terms of Service

By agreeing to a booking with me you acknowledge that you agree to the following terms:


Payment must be made at or before the commencement of the booking, prior to any services being provided. Payment must be made either as a bank transfer prior to the booking with enough time for the payment to clear, or as cash at the time of the booking.  

Deposits are non-refundable. Any deposit made will not be refunded (this is partly due to the privacy concerns of transferring money back to client accounts). Deposits are, however, transferable. If you cancel a booking more than 48 hours in advance, I am happy to transfer the deposit to be used for a future booking.

If a booking is cancelled within 24 hours, a 25% cancellation fee will be required before any future bookings are agreed to. 


Termination of Service

I reserve the right to terminate your service at any time if you behave in a way that i deem to be aggressive, threatening, or if you push for services that have not been agreed to prior to the booking. Make sure you are clear if you want services above and beyond those listed on this website on the services page prior to the booking so that this doesn't happen.

I also retain the right to terminate if the booking fee is not paid in full, if the client is too intoxicated, or if the client asks for any services that are illegal under the sex industry laws in ACT.


I will never unsolicitedly contact clients unless explicitly asked to do so. I will also never acknowledge you or come up to you if we do see each other in public, and I ask you to so the same. This is for both of our privacy and safety. 

I will never share any of your personal details with anyone. I ask that you also never share any details about me with anyone. I'm happy for you to leave reviews but please leave out explicit details and anything personal.