Booking Etiquette for New Clients

Once we’ve agreed on a date and time, I will ask you to message me again one hour prior to our agreed time to confirm that you are definitely able to make the booking. At this time I will give you the address of my incall space.  Let the anticipation begin!

Let me know when you arrive so I can give you access to the front door and elevator. Please try to keep the noise down in the lobby and hallways, especially if  it’s late.

Once I have buzzed you into the building I will greet you at the door and show you down into the apartment. I will then ask you to place the money you have brought me on the dresser while I get you a towel to have a shower. I’ll show you to the bathroom and ask you to please wash yourself thoroughly and used the mouthwash provided (many clients come already showered and fresh, but this is just a blanket policy I have to avoid an awkward conversation from ruining the mood later!)

During/prior to the booking, please do not:

  • Text or call me excessively with personal questions or questions that I’ve answered on my website. This isn’t my full time job and as much as I like to chat, I have lots of other work to do. 
  • Arrive excessively intoxicated (drunk people are not only annoying but also drunk sex is terrible! Of course you can have a drink or two before you see me, but please be in control of yourself.
  • Act in a rude or aggressive manner.
  • Ask for me to do natural sex. I will not do any unprotected sex under any circumstances. 
  • Start doing sex acts that weren’t previously discussed or agreed upon. I know it’s easy to get carried away in the moment but if you like something in particular that may not be included in GFE just let me know beforehand! 

During/prior the booking please do:

  • Let me know if you don’t like something or you like something done a particular way, this is your time let’s make is exactly how you’d hoped!
  • Relax! There’s nothing to be nervous about. I don’t bite (unless you want me to)!
  • Let me know if there’s a certain type of outfit you’d like me to wear.
  • Have fun!



Please be cognisant of the fact that cancelling our appointment last minute really negatively affects my business (as it would any business). Be considerate of this and only make bookings that you know you will be able to keep, If you cancel same-day it is likely I will no longer agree to book with you, unless a deposit or cancellation fee is paid. 

For more information, read the booking etiquette page on Scarlet Blue